March 24, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

This past weekend was the first of spring, although from the looks of my yard you'd think it was already summer! Granted, Southern California was the one area of the country that had zero winter-like weather this year, so it's understandable that my plants are confused.

One of my favorite plants is hibiscus--they're easy to care for and add so much dramatic color to a landscape. I have at least a dozen in the ground and in pots, and love adding to my "collection" when I find new colors. Even though the last couple of days were on the cool side, I spent plenty of time on the patio enjoying the blooms.

Also in bloom: this delicate dendrobium I bought on a whim a few months ago, not sure whether I could get it to bloom or what color it would be if it did. The flowers are tiny--smaller than a quarter.

Welcome, spring!

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