August 26, 2014

Book Storage at Home

Speaking of books, Design*Sponge has a great post on the best ways to store books in the home. My own house is a mere 850 square feet, and as a huge reader (and longtime publishing professional), I'm something of a hoarder when it comes to books. I've gotten better over the past few years about keeping my collection to a minimum (and getting rid of books that I admit to myself I'll never read again), but I continue to search for practical and attractive ways to store them without letting them take over every surface.
Source: Design*Sponge

I love the look of an entire wall of bookshelves--if K and I ever move, having the space to do this will be one of the top requirements on my new-home list. Lately I've particularly liked the look of rainbow bookshelves--either from painting the shelves, or from the arrangement of the books themselves:
Source: A Cup of Jo
Source: Kitschy Living
What a great way to add some color and interest to a room. What unusual ideas do you have for storing books?

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